TRIBE 7 Lacrosse Head (Boys) - $15.00

Nike CEO Used Head - $20.00

StringKing Used Mark 2D Head - $25.00

High School Only Heads - $20.00





Maverik Rome RX3 Gloves and Arm Pads

Colors Available: White and Black


Come into the store and we'll be sure to make a deal with you!

Rome RX3.jpg


Nike Vapor Elite IV Glove

Colors Available: White and Black

The new Nike Vapor Elite gloves are the 4th generation of one of the most successful collegiate and high school gloves in the game. It has an amazing premium leather palm and a low profile cuff system that really lets you bend your wrist.

Want these? Come see one of our sales associates in the store or at an event and we'll hook you up with a GREAT PRICE!





Epoch iD Lacrosse Glove

Colors Available: White

The Epoch iD protective glove was designed for the emerging lacrosse player. Epoch's iD gloves provide great protection while remaining lightweight and comfortable.

Swing by the store to today for an AMAZING DEAL on these Epoch gloves!

Epoch Gloves.PNG
Nike Vapor.PNG


Shoulder Pads and Liners

Men's/boys' protective gear is priced to sell...the bigger the order, the bigger the discount!

  • Nike Men's Vapor 2.0 Liner
  • STX Cell IV Should Pad
  • STX Cell IV Liner
  • Epoch Integra Should Pad


Arm Guards, Arm Pads and Elbow Pads

The following men's/boys' arm protection is discounted to make room for new inventory! Stop by today for unbeatable prices!

  • STX Surgeon 500 Arm Guard
  • STX Stallion Arm Guard
  • STX Stallion Arm Pad
  • STX Cell IV Arm Guard
  • Under Armour Revenant Arm Guard
  • Epoch Integra Arm Guard
  • Epoch Integra Arm Pad
  • Epoch Integra Elbow Pad

Colors Available: White and Black

STX Surgeon 500.PNG
Cascade LX.PNG


Cascade LX Women's Head Gear

Need new head gear for the summer season? Swing by the store and get the Cascade LX Head Gear at the lowest price out there!

Available Colors: Black, Red, Carolina Blue



STX Crux 300 and 500 Heads and Complete Sticks

Add unmatched power and accuracy to every shot with the STX Women's Crux 300 and 500 head and complete stick. Features pointed scoop, minimum sidewall height and has maximum ball control.





STX Women's Shield Chest Protector

Deep South Lacrosse is the best place for women's/girl's lacrosse equipment! Be sure to swing in the store today for a great deal on STX women's goalie chest protectors!





  • Hats
  • Shirts
  • Shorts
  • Jerseys
  • Polos
  • Pinnies

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