CL18 Goalie Head Releasing Today at Noon

CL18 First Release.png

ORLANDO, FLA. (August 7, 2019) - Deep South Lacrosse will be releasing their CL18 Goalie Head today at noon. Lacrosse has grown and developed over the year, but the goalie head has seemed to stay relatively the same. Here at Deep South Lacrosse, we wanted to push the boundaries while thinking outside the box. The CL18 changed the design for a more elongated surface area. This not only helped strengthen the stick, but also provide better coverage for those high shots. The skinnier throat allows for faster releases and better ball control on clears. The 45 degree angle at the top of the crosse will make for an easier scoop. All of this for only $49.99 as we try to make the game of lacrosse AFFORDABLE!

The first release will have limited quantities available, so make sure to get yours today. Players can purchase it under our SHOP ONLINE tab.